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Social Benefits

Koddis Construction Limited recognises that there is a skills-shortage facing the Construction Industry in the UK. Therefore, as part of our commitment to the social and economic wellbeing of our communities, we constantly investigate ways in which we can create work and training prospects for local jobseekers. We’re passionate about employing a local labour force as well as using a local supplychain which is a great benefit to all stakeholders.

We believe that employment and training opportunities should be designed with area-specific barriers in mind wherever possible, so we try to understand local demographics and difficulties when taking on a new contract and seek to offer opportunities which are tailored to the needs of local people. We typically do this through consultation with clients, sub-contractors and local work-based organisations, who will have valuable knowledge of the area. Our approaches differ from region to region but includes targeted recruitment plans, skills initiatives, youth activities and supply chain events.

Bristol Office | 42 Triangle West | Clifton | Bristol | BS8 1ES

Email: hello@koddis.com 

Tel:    0117 909 0800

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