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Health, Safety & Environment

Koddis Construction Limited is committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of all of its employees, clients and members of the public who come into contact with our works. This forms the basis for a health, safety and wellbeing policy which affects the way we run all aspects of our business. The Management Team also believes that good health and safety management is good for business: by improving our health and safety performance, we will not only improve employee wellbeing but also enhance the company’s success, security and growth.

We encourage all employees to make suggestions that will help Koddis Construction Limited to improve health and safety in all aspects of our business. We will ensure that appropriate resources are made available so that risks can be reduced or eliminated and that the above commitments can be met. We will make sure that effective communication on health and safety issues is maintained throughout the company.

Our aim

Is to improve the health and safety performance of Koddis Construction Limited by ensuring suitable health and safety policies, protection measures and safe working procedures are developed and implemented. Managers throughout the business are tasked with ensuring that health, safety and welfare matters are given appropriately high prioritisation.

Koddis Construction Limited will provide appropriate health and safety education and training for all employees so that health and safety awareness is raised across the business. We will also monitor our health and safety performance and identify where improvements can be made.





Registered in England & Wales. Registration No: 12229808

Bristol Office | 42 Triangle West | Clifton | Bristol | BS8 1ES

Email: hello@koddis.com 

Tel:    0117 909 0800

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